Greeting from the Dean


Today, development level of a country is determined by the importance given to education. Qualifications of those who perform it as a profession can be considered as one of the most important components of education.

Our faculty has been established applying the fundamentals of instructional programs, lifelong learning, research and practice, national and international qualifications and standards, individual differences, interdisciplinary studies, advanced teaching and learning environments, authentic and performance-based assessment, elements of social responsibility and co-operation.

The faculty places the emphasis on development of thinking skills as well as the abilities of the students by means of in-class and extra-curricular activities within technologically advanced teaching and learning environments.

We give particular importance to psychological counseling in education, early childhood and primary education, and foreign language teaching.

By means of projects and researches in the fields such as family counseling and career planning for high school students, we try to be useful to the society in which we live and to mankind as a whole.

In the light of scientific developments our research is planned to be conducted in the following main themes: Learning the techniques, design and evaluation, social and educational networks, complex systems and educational policies.

Through the internship and practicing framework in international and national level, our students have the chance to combine theory and application right from the first academic year. Therefore they have the opportunity to observe a variety of learning and teaching environments, to test theoretical knowledge, to make design, to make implementation and evaluation processes become productive.

Most of the courses at the educational sciences department are common in the first academic year in order for our students to have the opportunity to shift to a more appropriate field.

The courses, except the Turkish Language and Literature department, are conducted in English Language in all the programs.

The first academic year is followed by a language preparatory year where the language of instruction of a given program is thought for the students who fail the proficiency exam before the admission.

The faculty offers scholarship to successful students either at their performance at the Matura or at the exams organized by the university.

Technology, at our faculty is an indispensable element which is integrated into all programs and courses. Students gain self-experience by applying information and communication technologies in lessons.

Faculty of Philology and Education invites you to be part of this advanced, efficient, and warm environment that promises a bright future.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Tidita Abdurrahmani