The International Conference on Social Sciences and Education

The Faculty of Philology and Education, as well as the Department of Education Sciences at Bedër University College, held the 7th International Conference in the field of Social Science and Education ICESS 2019.
This year's activity brought together academics and scholars from 4 different countries of the region and Europe, where 40 original works with impact in the field of social sciences and education were presented.
The conference papers were greeted by Dean of the Faculty of Philology and Education, Prof. Assoc. Dr. Tidita Abdurrahmani, who after thanking the participants for their participation in the activity, emphasized the importance of addressing new approaches in the field of education and of social sciences as a whole.
Further, Deputy / Dean of the Faculty of Philology and Education and at the same time Head of the Department of Education Sciences, Dr. Art Omer expressed in his greeting speech optimistic about discussing the problems and new approaches facing the field of education in recent years.
The conference continued its work in different sessions. Among the many topics addressed by the participants were "Theoretical approaches to language development in children", "The Importance of Emotional Intelligence Development in Teacher Education Study Programs", "We Recall Our Good Teachers" ; "Perception of the Albanian society for children with Down syndrome"; "Self-assessment of performance at work";
The conference papers were attended by dozens of students and graduates from the Department of Education Sciences at Bedër University College.